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There may be various times of the year when your organizations have applicants that require Live Scan Fingerprinting, Ink Card Fingerprinting, or Notary services in a very short period of time.  


Why have them disrupt their day with traffic and the headache of leaving their office?  Our OnPointe Alliance Centers can effectively address your organization’s immediate and future needs. Our Mobile Service provides on-site notary, electronic fingerprinting and/or Ink Card Fingerprinting for as little as ONE (1) or more applicants. 


Appointments are recommended, but same day service is also available. However, majority of our clients do take advantage of our short turnaround time, in most cases requiring as short as a 4-hour window of an advance notice. Service is available seven days a week at hours that best suit your schedule.


Just A Few Items…

Typically, all we need upon arrival is a table, a few chairs and access to an electrical outlet.


Mobile/Travel Fee varies depending on the location, date and time. This is non-refundable and required upon initial appointment; this is separate from the rolling and processing fees. There are additional fees for before or after hours, holidays, and significant travel.

We are Reliable, Motivated & Fast! Contact us for information on our “VIP Repeat Service” discounts.


We provide single point of contact for all your Mobile needs. To talk to a live person today, contact us at (888) 741-7926.


Prices, terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.

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